What do the locals of the Florida Keys think about their neighborhoods?  We are featuring genuine reviews from residents so you can hear the pros and cons of Keys neighborhoods and condominiums from their perspectives, not just me, "The Realtor"!  Do you have something to add?  Send a write-up with a few photos and/or videos and we'll add it to our list.

The following refers to Key Largo Park, otherwise known as "the neighborhood behind Tower of Pizza"

Why I Love my Neighborhood

By S.A., Key Largo

I love my neighborhood because of the people. I hear children playing games outdoors. I greet neighbors walking and riding bikes and pushing strollers, I smell grills warming up in the evening.

I love that the houses are all shapes and sizes and are a little willy-nilly, as is the landscaping. One neighbor has a storied past and lives in a real eye-sore! But he has helped me when no one else offered, and he is always polite and quiet, in spite of looking a bit scary.

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My backyard is the Sanctuary Property, a hardwood hammock and private, except for all the butterflies, birds, squirrels, and occasional opossum. I wake to birdsong every morning. There are some iguana, which make for lots of excitement when my dog sees one.

I live within walking distance to the heart of Key Largo and would not need a car if I didn’t want to have one.  I love that my neighborhood has people who speak more than one language and share their phone numbers and exotic foods with me. I love that the New Yorker, who just bought the house two doors down to eventually retire in, lives within 15 minutes of my daughter, who just moved to New York.  I love that the house right next door belongs to a family who has become my family, too, and was responsible for my 10 pound weight gain when I first moved in.

What I love about my neighborhood? It’s the people.

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